About The Manuscript

It’s a story of a love so strong between two hearts. One has stopped beating long ago. The other beats on in honor and memory of its soulmate—a story that did not end when one of them lost their life. My hope in sharing our decades long awesome union is that it may bring comfort to those who are grieving a loss. This story is filled with friendship; a true love marriage and the heartache of watching your world crumble when cancer claims it. Jeffrey had two bouts of cancer. The last being incurable, courtesy of Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam war. My twenty-four-hour devotional caregiver role started from the beginning of his illness. I watched him work so hard fighting this disease. All the while bent on making each moment count—refusing to let his laughter be taken away. I told him until you take your last breath, my life is yours—and it was.

 While enduring his deathbed vigil, we spoke endlessly the night before he became an angel. The following words resonate in my mind—often bringing tears. Jeffrey said, “The hardest part of dying is leaving you behind.” When the tears slowed down, I searched for the right words to say, words that will bring peace and give him permission to leave. Often, our loved ones need that

Like a thousand times before, we held hands, and I whispered gently: I know my love that our life together will end soon. I shall miss you terribly, always. All of our loved ones are waiting for you and it will be quite a reunion; a reunion that came at a great loss to me. He thanked me for our incredible life-long journey together and for the awesome way we loved one another. We embraced each sunrise, each sunset and gazed in awe at his favorite thing—rainbows. His favorite song was Somewhere Over The Rainbow. When I visit his gravesite, I bring a bouquet of flowers called Over the Rainbow and play his favorite song.

My angel lived with cancer for three years. Everything but his care was placed on hold. Only he mattered, not the constant fatigue nor the sleepless nights. My darling often called me his angel and told so many, if not for me, he would have died long ago. It was so hard for my independent combat vet to depend on me for his endless care. We did our best to follow our daily mantra that was created from the onset of our relationship “Carpe Diem.”


His words still resonate in my heart — “Tell the story of our love share the tragedy of cancer from Agent Orange and how it claimed
our world. Tell others like you who still have their vet soldiers to make every moment count before they run out of time. Promise me my love that you will tell others not to let one moment pass without embracing life.”

An empowering poetry collection; love, healing, self-love, inner strength, personal transformation, self-growth, hope, and happiness. A visual delight that brings the authors words to light.