About Geisele

Welcome to my website. If you are on a mobile device you may have to click on the three lines in the upper right corner for the drop down menu that will link you to the rest of the site. I feel so blessed to have grown up in beautiful Hawaii.
My fondest childhood memories are of sitting on a beach with the tradewinds blowing through my hair with sand between my toes and the sound of waves breaking on the shore. To this day, the ocean beckons me when I’m feeling sad or when I need to clear my mind and center my soul.

My family consisted of five brothers and four sisters. Three of my siblings as well as my parents have passed. We all loved Ala Moana beach and spent so many happy moments there. I was always a dreamer and a planner. As a child, I sat looking up at the sky watching airplanes fly overhead. I’d say, someday I’m going to fly away and travel the mainland or dare I dream – the world. The locals referred to what I suffered from as “rock fever.”

The Manuscript

This book of poems span the incredible long years with my beloved late husband, Jeffrey Brian Friedfel. Along with our story you will fnd outstanding illustrations, touching poems and unaltered photos that show love exist beyond death. I publish the photos in hopes of bringing comfort to those who lost loved ones. May they fnd peace knowing love does not end because our physical bodies do.
Love transcends all time and space. I will forever look for his smile in a rainbow; his beautiful eyes in the falling rain; and listen for a whisper of his voice in the wind.


His words still resonate in my heart — “Tell the story of our love share the tragedy of cancer from Agent Orange and how it claimed our world. Tell others like you who still have their vet soldiers to make every moment count before they run out of time. Promise me my love that you will tell others not to let one moment pass without embracing life.”

An empowering poetry collection; love, healing, self-love, inner strength, personal transformation, self-growth, hope, and happiness. A visual delight that brings the authors words to light.